Who We Are

Hi, My name is Dale Jefferson owner and operator of V4 Riding Club.   Originally started in the Hills of Roanoke, Virginia with 4 high school buddies.

V4 Riding Club was started over 10 years ago as a group of motorcycle owners who would meet up once a year and travel for 3 weeks a summer on our bikes.  While we still get together each and every year,  the three weeks road trip is not a reality as we all have our own families now.  The one thing that has stuck with all of  us is the love of the road and the love of adventure.sturgis

Along the way we have created this site to reach out to other “road warriors” and people that enjoy the freedom of road trips, riding bikes and freedom of summers.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy our site  http://www.v4rc.com

Dale J.