Trips Through the UK

One of our greatest adventures ever as the V4 Riders as we use to call ourself was our trip through the United Kingdom in 2008.  After initially keeping to mostly continently United States trips, we got together with a few MCs in the London area and decided to set something up overseas.

Now when you travel overseas it is an ordeal in itself, when you do it and need to transport your own motorcycles, it becomes even more pricey.  Not only is everything that you ship needed to be checked through customers, but there are a hell of alot of fees that you must pay for that you never thought of before.   Besides the shipping fees, which costs all of us in the thousands, we had to providespare tires, helmets, licenses and several other things.  What we decided to do was inquire with a local manufacturer that was carrying cargo from the States and was able to get this over for a relatively ($4,500)  cheap price for 7 bikes, 9 spare times and a few other oddball items we through in.UK

The Trip

The trip itself was probably the greatest 14 days of my life on the road.  Besides my daughters being born, this definitely has taken the cake as one of my greatest moments.  We started off by picking up our bikes outside of Newquay and started our adventure from there.   When comparing riding the United States vs. the UK there is a few similarities but so many differences.   The actual amount of people that are “riding” in the UK seems to outweigh the number of people in the States.  It might not be more overall, but the roads definitely have many more bikes out there than the United States.

We drove our bikes to Stonehenge on our first two days and was taken back on how great that experience was for all of us.  Thank God we had a couple extra spare tires with us as Big Al and Zack both hit some bumpy roads and had to swap out our tires.  Luckily we found a little tire shop right outside of Stonehenge that had some spare motorcycle tires that we could use to replace the ones that were flat.   Thank you Grady !


The highlight of our trip was definitely hitting London and the surrounding areas.  For those of you who have experienced the UK, but have not experienced it on a hog, please do so before you die.  Not only is this one of the greatest trips ever, but you just have a calm feeling driving through the old scenery around the UK.  While the United States has its great parts, the UK’s tradition is several thousand years old and many of these places are still intact.

While I’m not much of party animal as I was in my younger days, the London night scene was truly amazing.   It is like the city never sleeps and you are truly amazed in each and every pub that you enter.   Also, the different MCs that we met up with were truly awesome and accepting of our American ways.

Overall I cannot say enough about the United Kingdom and their hospitality.  If you are looking for a once in a lifetime trip through the UK, I would highly recommend it.  Make sure to pack some extra tires, helmets and cash as it will run you close to five figures but it is well worth it.