The V4 Club Expands

The original V4  club was four of us from the Roanoke, Virginia area who decided to embark on a three week road trip on our bikes over a summer in 2002.  After three years of this pace, we made a pact to do this as long as we were riding and on God’s green earth.

Over they years the original four has kept at it for the most part, with a few of our members, mainly Al leaving us for a year or two do to conflicts with other things in life.  Since that time we have expanded our group to up to six riders and have made it more of a one weekend a summer thing, where we would travel across country or hit up something like Sturgis Bike Week.  With that being said, we are looking forward to 2014 and to add a new member to our group,  my brother-in-law Jason Rhodes.nas

Jason joins our biking and traveling team after getting the “bike bug” as we call it, at the age of 32.  Now 34 with two years experience as a “biker”, Jason is ready to join us for our summertime adventures.   Jason, who owns and operates his own pressure washer business, just recently bought a new Harley Davidson 2013 Road Glide and is ready to take this hog on the road.  With summer being the busy season for Jason’s pressure washing business he is making a huge sacrifice by taking 4 days out of his busy schedule to join the other V4 members.

Next year we are looking to expand our ride to perhaps North Carolina area and our looking to find a bike show to attend.   After Sturgis last year, we realize that the trip through the Dakotas isn’t something that is advised year in and year out.  It is not only very taxing on the pocket book, but it also takes a toll on our aging bodies to ride 10+ hours a day in hot conditions.   We might take a look at the NASCAR schedule for next season and maybe revolve our trip around one of their events in the area.

Jason was given a history on the V4 Club and is ready for what he calls the most exciting thing that he has done in years.   Luckily being an owner of power washing business has its perks, as Jason is having one of his workers meet us with a RV so that we can get the full experience of staying a couple days at a NASCAR event.

The best thing about next year’s run is that the orginal V4 club are all in line to go and barring any setbacks we should have about 8 guys on this year’s run.  I can’t wait !