Life on the Hog: Working with Back Pain

One of the problems of long road trips the older you get is the toll it takes on your body.  When we were all young, we could ride for days with little or no pain.  Now the hand and back pain has taken a toll.  After our annual 3 week trip, that now has become a 3 or 4 day trip, all of us are down for the count.  With that being said, if you work at it you can prevent the pain.

harlIn 2012 after a trip to Sturgis Bike Week I started a few things to help from the wear and tear of time on the road.  I wrote this up below as a way for people to work through their lower pack problems.

Lower back pain is becoming a troublesome issue and an increasing work-related health problem. It not only stems from lifting heavy weight but general bad posture caused by prolonged hours of sitting in the office chairs. The principle of ergonomics, yoga and Inversion therapy help to prove the workplace, bettering the standards for employees. If we look in detail at the lower back pain, we can discuss some of the ways to prevent it through ergonomics and make the working environment more comfortable and in turn, more efficient in terms of productivity and output.

Here are some guidelines to prevent employees from suffering with lower back pain in the office:

First and foremost, the most important thing is to identify the causes of lower back pain in any work environment and then take steps wisely to eliminate these causes. Prolonged periods of static posture are one of the major causes of lower back pain as many office employees spend hours at their computer desks. Factually speaking, the body should change position every twenty minutes so that there are some benefits in frequent breaks or an office setup where employees are required to move between stations. Stretching your body from time to time can help prevent stress a static posture can create on muscles and ligaments.

Ergonomic balance ball chairs are proving to be extremely beneficial for employees who have to spend long hours sitting in the chairs. Although they are a little expensive, these chairs help you to align your spine and give the user an opportunity to change positions frequently.

Yoga has been around for a very long time and is a revolutionary exercise for an office worker. It has been recognized lately to prevent lower back pains. Providing for yoga class or yoga breaks between working hours sounds like a sensible idea for employees who sit in a static position for hours.

These days, the most effective treatment for preventing lower back problems is called the Inversion therapy. The Inversion tables are designed in such a way that a person’s feet are placed higher than the head. Therefore, it helps to reduce the negative effects of gravity since gravity helps to stretch the backbone. This treatment helps in increasing flexibility and reduces the effects of gravity, improves posture and better blood circulation. Thus, this is a very effective treatment for curing lower back pains. And can be used at offices for people who have to spend long hours sitting in a static position.

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