Guide to Purchasing Spray Paint for Cars

I was looking for a cool way to add some color and customize my car.  My best friend gave me an awesome idea to spray paint my car.  I decided to go with Montana acryclic spray paint in shock red.


Bright and beautiful color-  I was looking for an inexpensive way to upgrade my ride but I wasn’t expecting amazing results.  The color and finish of the spray paint was bright and bold.  I feel like everyone is looking at my car when I drive down the street.carsss

Can be used on multiple surfaces-  After I finished spray painting my car, I still had some spray paint left.  I was able to use the extra paint on a wood bird house.  The bright red color attracts birds from miles away.  This spray paint can also be used on concrete, metal, plastic, glass, and more.

Easy to change the pressure output for different projects-  By simply changing the cap, I was able to switch from a low-pressure to high-pressure output. The low pressure output is ideal for creating lines and details and the high-pressure output is perfect for filing in large areas.  By using the high pressure output, I was able to spray paint my car in a short amount of time.  And when I used the low pressure output on the birdhouse, I was able to create some custom details.

Dries extremely fast-  The fact that this spray paint dries extremely fast allowed me to change the color of my car within a short amount of time.  This was ideal because I wanted to upgrade my car within a couple of days.  If I would have taken my car to the shop for a paint job, it would have taken at least one week.

Affordable way to upgrade my ride- I was able to paint my car instead of taking it to the shop which saved me a couple of hundred dollars.  The new color covered up some minor scratches.

Color ring at the top of the can makes it easy to identify-  I loved this spray paint so I decided to purchase it in a couple of other colors.  There is a ring at the top of the can which allows you to easily identify the color.  This is a great feature because it allows me to easily find the color that I am looking for.

Doesn’t take up a lot of space-  The small spray paint can doesn’t take up a lot of space.  This is perfect because I don’t have a lot of extra storage in my garage.


Hard to clean up-  I disliked the fact that this spray paint was difficult to clean up.  Because it dries so quickly, you definitely have to be careful about where you are spraying.  You need to set up an adequate paint station before you start.

Should be used in open spaces- Even though the manufacture claims that you can paint in indoor spaces, I would still recommend using this product outside.  However, the atomized spray reduces the odor.  I always recommend researching the best paint sprayer for your car before moving forward.

Overall opinion

Overall, I would give this spray paint a nine out of ten.  I loved the color and finish but I wish I had made a paint station before I started.  I would definitely recommend this spray paint to all of my family members and friends.  And will never pay a car dealership hundreds of dollars to spray paint my car again.